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Laws aren't the only things that can change. Really.

The U.N. consistently does a poll that asks the question “what country did the most good in the past year for the world?” Now the U.S. is typically near the bottom of these lists but the reason we bring this up is because, almost every year, the two countries at the top of the list are Germany and Japan. Things can change. Additionally countries such as Germany and Japan didn’t have a constitution as powerful and democratic as the one we have in this country. Read more about TexasLawChanges.

Texas Law is complicated. we're here.

About Texas Law Changes

We started this site in the summer of 2021 after a boring, but educational, Covid limited internship at the Capitol. Most of the initial pages for the site comprise the notes, outlines and bills we frantically tried to keep track of. Realizing that unpaid labor would be lost if we just threw away the notes, we thought we’d publish them and try to keep the pages updated as the next session approaches. 

Just as the laws of the state and the country are open to revision, so is TexasLawChanges. Every page will be open to modification, correction and improvements as suggestions and questions on new features arise.

There is a loophole in the congress of every state (and country) that bills can only be assigned a bill number after they’ve been submitted for that legislative session. In other words, there’s no way to view official documents related to the process of that bill or the actual text of the bill, until a bill has been filed and assigned a bill number. Why would this be a problem?

Simply because the bill is going to be voted on during the actual session for which it is accepted. Representatives are not required to submit their bill proposals before the election or even in the period following their election but prior to the session starting. Furthermore the session is only a period of a few months where representatives will vote on the bills that were introduced in the same exact session.

Not only does this make the legislative period unduly hectic, but it also makes the process exceedingly difficult (if not impossible) for the general public to follow. We made this site to try to improve the process. Please bear with us throughout the process as its the first time for us as well. 

Tiny Little Steps.

While all of the focus is often on D.C. and the federal government, citizens routinely seem to forget that it’s your local and state government that’s going to have the largest impact on your life.

There are also the things you never realized. Such as the fact that Texas has one of the most needlessly complicated legal systems in the country. That, at 254 counties, has more counties than any other state in the country. And that…that really will matter. 

Finally things can change. I know it doesn’t seem that way but they can. We have a system that allows the ability to invoke that change. It only requires the knowledge of the system, and all of its moving parts, and the political will and collective action to see it done.