Criminal Law

Explaining Texas Death Penalty Laws

Even though the numbers are declining, there is no state that utilizes the death penalty more than Texas. As of 2021, the state exclusively uses Lethal Injection to carryout executions. However in 2020 only two people were executed and that is symbolic of a downward state (and national) trend. We’ll walk through the state law here.

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Gun Laws In Texas: The Full Story

As one of the most conservative states in the nation, gun laws in Texas have been a perennial talking point across the country. Among the most lax laws in the nation, very few things are regulated (and fewer will be in September of this year) however we’ll got to that in the few regulations they do have.

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Texas Gambling Laws Explained

With the rise of apps like FanDuel and Draftkings, sports gambling laws have become a hot button topic in all states. In Texas, where sports are as important as life itself, there’s an additional interest in when the law will be altered. However one must remember that sports wagering is not the only type of gambling Texans’ should be concerned about.

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Current Texas Marijuana Laws

As with everything Texas, the laws on Marijuana in the Lone Star state are complex and dynamic as the world around it continues to change its opinions on marijuana. First we’ll address the current state of Texas Laws on weed (short answer its still illegal as of June 2021), and then we’ll get to the details and recent changes regarding the law.

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