Most Common Crimes in Flower Mound, Texas

Flower Mound Texas is known for it's affluence. With a reported median income of $133,341, Flower Mound is considered one of, if not THE, richest city in Texas. However, what about the crime rate? While a fairly safe community, we're going to continue our city series and look at the top 5 crimes committed in Flower Mound, Texas.

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Since state reporting stats use county numbers, we’re forced to use the FBI’s uniform reporting tool for the year of 2016. Note that at the time, Flower Mound had a population of 72,600. The population has grown mildy since then with the now reported population of 75,956 in 2020.

Property Crime

The city of Flower Mound reported less than 2,000 crimes in the year of 2016, but 601 of the crimes they did report were property crimes. Property crime is a catch-all phrase the FBI uses when classifying crimes and includes “offenses of burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.”

The FBI chooses to include arson in this category because, as they note, the feature of arson is that it involves the destruction of property. Though the FBI reporting tool does not give a great deal of data, it breaks down that 601 crimes into more specific offenses. Why might this be valuable when considering wealthy Flower Mound, Texas? Because it allows the opportunity to answer a question that almost everyone is probably concerned about.

Of the 601 property crimes committed in Flower Mound, Texas in 2016, 507 of those crimes were larceny.


Far less common, residents can breathe a sigh of relief, is Burglary, which the city reports just 64 instances of in the year 2020. The laws and penalties for committing burglary in Flower Mound, Texas, can be found in Title 7 of the Texas Penal Code. However, we’ll attempt to summarize some of the important features of state law.

You might ask, why isn’t burglary considered a property offense (such as larceny or arson)? That’s because one can burglarize more than just one home (which the state law refers to as one’s habitation’). However, the penalty is less for robbing someone non-domicile (such as their car) than it is to rob one’s house (the difference between a second and third-degree felony).

It is also considered burglary if one attempts to rob a coin-operated or coin collection machine. However, the penalty is the weakest for attempting such a theft, penalized by only a class A misdemeanor.

Motor Vehicle Theft

With just 30 reported cases in 2016, motor vehicle theft is exceedingly rare in Flower Mound. Against a population of just over 72,600, the resulting incidence rate is just 0.0413%.


First, there were “only” 7 reported rape cases in Flower Mound in 2016. So we do not want to stoke fear in current or future residents. Against a population of 72,600 (now over 75,000, but we do not have current rape statistics), that’s an incidence rate of just .009641873%. However, seven is more than a mere one-off or two-off event.

If you are a victim of rape, no matter how long ago, report it immediately to the authorities and seek an attorney. Among the most prominent reasons that perpetrators get away with rape is that too much time has passed since the incident to capture the necessary hard evidence to secure a conviction.


Now we’re getting really into the rare occurrences in Flower Mound in the offense of arson. There were only 2 reported instances of Arson in 2016. While that seems like very few cases of the offense (Dallas, for example, reported 349 cases of arson during the same period), it’s certainly two more than Flower Mound homeowners would prefer.