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About Texas Law Changes


Legal Faults

After working in digital marketing and interning at the capitol, we realized that legal sites contain fundamental flaws that make communication of current laws very difficult. Particularly three, undeniable problems inherit in the current landscape. 



Comparing current state laws against the laws of other states. 



Explaining in a way that doesn’t contain legal jargon. 



Providing up to date information about the current laws in the states. 

Law websites are often intentionally vague in their explanations, such as “every case is unique” and “it’s best to contact an attorney”, all statements that are true but often disingenuous. In reality, legal websites run by law firms are meant to drive conversions (have people request legal services). They are never openly dishonest or lying, but they don’t have to tell you the full scope of the truth. Do you need an attorney to file to have your DWI non-disclosed? Well, it’s best to make an appointment with an attorney to find out.

There is one further issue with most legal sites and that is that they are often not updated to account for new laws. An understandable mistake (web developers can charge exorbitant prices) but this only further leads to confusion. The law your friend heard from his attorney friend may well have been true, at the time he was told. Texas law changes. Frequently and in volume.  A lot of volume.

In fact, in the 87th legislation the Texas legislature passed over 600 new laws. 666 to be exact. Most of which a modification or amendment to some previous law. TexasLawChanges is a website that is going to attempt to present the laws of the state updated, coherent and accessible for free for as long as we can keep the lights on.

“Lawyers have to be honest…but not truthful”

Vibeke Norgaard Martin

Why not just consult the official state code?

Ideally, this would be the most reliable source. The website has all the information about the laws and are updated in realtime. The problem is that, unless you’re a representative or an attorney, the explanations of the law actually make little to no  sense.

In an attempt to keep the laws up to date, we’ll try to focus on the most common crimes or the most requested explanations. 

However, in case you are able to understand legal jargon, here are official government links to relevant government resources. At every point on the site, we’ll attempt to default to the official to the official state code which, at the very least, will be up to date. Just keep in mind that laws passed in a session in the spring won’t go into effect until the fall (Sept. 1, 2021 in this most recent session). Therefore if you’re viewing the penal code or the family code in July, it may be different by October. 

Texas Family Code: This covers everything from the Juvenile code to marital property and marital rights. 

Texas Penal Code: The official code that provides updated information regarding criminal offenses and their penalties. 

TABC Code: Read the official Texas alcohol and beverage code of the state of Texas. Concerning licenses and regulations over the substances in question. For criminal penalties see the penal code.