Family Law

Domestic Violence Laws and Penalties In Texas

On this page we’ll provide information on the difficult subject of Domestic Violence laws in the great state of Texas. We’ll cover definitions (a lengthy topic in this case), penalties, frequency, warning signs and more. As we expect to update this page frequently as the law changes, please let us know if there’s anything we missed or if any aspect of the page was unclear (or could’ve been more clear).

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Adoption Laws in Texas: Process and Costs

Texas adoption process, like other U.S. states, can be a long and complicated process. On this page we’ll go through the updated laws, process and estimated costs for pursuing an adoption in the state. Note that these laws are dynamic and we’ll indicate the last time the page was updated. As you might be wondering before we begin, the timeframe is variable but it can be completed in as little as a couple months. Additionally, the cost to complete the process can be as little as $300-400 dollars in the state of Texas.

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Texas Marital Property Laws: Who Owns What

Marital Property concerns what property belongs to which property (money, real estate..etc) belongs to which spouse in the event they are separated. This is regulated at the state level and understanding Texas’ policy on property rights will make the separation process much smoother. On this page, we’ll update the laws as they change and provide some context and explanation as to why and how the law got the way it is.

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Texas Juvenile Laws: Definitions, Penalties and More

As our understanding of psychology and cognitive development has evolved, as well as our understanding of free will and the like, Texas juvenile laws have undergone changes in virtually every session in which the state legislature has met. Therefore this page will most likely be updated frequently with those changes as they happen. Beginning with Texas definitions of what is a juvenile and then we’ll move onto the types of juvenile offenses in the state.

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Getting Married In Texas: Costs, Age Requirements and More

While some states are more complicated than others, Texas has a series of steps before you and your spouse can officially be married as recognized by the state. We’ll cover all of the steps but begin with some of the most asked questions including the laws on same-sex marriage, the cost of a marriage license in Texas, and who is eligible for a common law marriage. Then we’ll proceed to Texas requirements for marriage and go from there.

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How To Get A Common Law Marriage in Texas

Unlike many states, common law marriage is legal in Texas and follows some requirements. With cohabiting becoming more common in almost every state in the union, we’ll break down each step of the process on this page. We’ll update this page with relevant new laws as they are implemented.

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Understanding Texas Divorce Laws

Divorce laws in Texas are, like everything else in Texas, complicated but are successfully accomplished every day. Either through mediation (which is required), compromise, or the trial process divorces are finalized every day in Texas courts. We’ll walk through the process and keep an eye out for new bills that might (simplify or complicate, probably complicate) the process going forward.

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Custody Laws In Texas Explained

As one might expect, Custody laws in Texas are a bit different than other states in the U.S. Two unique hallmarks of the custody law in Texas: 1) there is no custody law (at least it’s not called custody); 2) it’s complicated.

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Gay Marriage Laws In Texas

Since the 2015 Supreme Court ruling of Obergell v. Hodges, same sex marriage has been legal in the state of Texas. With that in mind, same sex couples still experience discrimination and other concerns (depending on the county). Additionally, the history of the situation in Texas is unique to that state and we’ll explore that reality and in a longer than usual history subsection on this page.

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