Insurance Laws in Texas: Healthcare to Auto

On this page, which should be updated frequently, we’ll cover insurance requirements from automobiles to healthcare. We want to begin with healthcare and note that perhaps the most important thing to realize is that there’s plenty of free and low cost programs paid for with taxpayer money that people with no (or limited) healthcare insurance may or may not know about. Many of these programs will only be known by their physicians so those that qualify may not realize this.

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Nursing Home Abuse in Texas

Among the most morally repulsive actions a human is capable of, nursing home abuse ranks near the top of the list. However it’s important that, when you suspect your family or friend has been the victim of nursing home abuse, that you step back and evaluate what options you have. Nursing homes, physicians and even nurses have rights that judges are careful not to supersede. On this page we’ll walk through some of the options available to you, the best steps to take and what nursing homes have better track records in Texas.

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Medical Malpractice Laws in Texas

Understand Medical Malpractice rights and laws in the state of Texas. We’ll answer how quickly you have to file suit and how. In case that’s what you’re looking for, note that it’s two years from the time you stopped treatment. However, if you’re trying to get paid out for an incident that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, please see the associated section below.

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Physician Assisted Suicide in Texas

Death with dignity or Physician Assisted Suicide (depending on what side of the argument you are on) is one of the most hotly debated issues in the country. As of the 2021 session, it remains highly illegal in the state and it does not appear that the state is headed towards legalizing the practice anytime soon. That said, some states have made changes and pushes to legalize the practice. We’ll discuss those states and update this page should the law change.

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Abortion Laws In Texas: The Full Story

Abortion has consistently been one of the most controversial issues in every U.S. state for the last several decades. Texas, being one of the countries most conservative states, has been at the epicenter of the Abortion debate. On this page we break down the current status (including introductions of new heartbeat bills) of the law. Note, in light of the recent update about the Supreme Court, this will most likely impact abortion laws in Texas given the ACA act (that guarntees citizens get the “most” civil rights either offered by federal or state guidelines).

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