Recent Bills

Evaluating Texas’ Critical Race Theory Bill

In the 2021 session the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3979. The bill would make it illegal for students in the state of Texas to be taught Critical Race Theory. However the bill does quite a bit other than that and we’ll break that down here. Foregoing the usual bill stages we normally discuss when outlining new bills.

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Analysis of The Texas Heartbeat Bill

On May 19th of 2021, Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 8 which made it illegal for abortions to take place in the state of Texas after a doctor detects the heartbeat. We’ll break down the bill here including the relevant figures involved and the bill stages.

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Texas Open Carry Hand Gun Law Explained

Our first post in this series where we track individual bills going into law, we’re going to breakdown Texas’ permit less carry law coming in the fall of 2021. On this page we’re going to walk through the life of the bill, detail some of the objections, and ultimately deal with some off the commentary surrounding the bill. Finally if, in the next session or a future session, a new bill replaces this one (or the information because outdated) we will update that information here.

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